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USGAA Finals Club of the Week: Allentown Hibernians Part 2

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Part 2 of 2

Part I of this II part blog told the story of how the Allentown Hibernians started with three men, however that does not limit all the fun to just them. Allentown is a very inclusive club to all! Over five years ago, women were added to the club and two years ago they were added to the annual tournament. They currently don’t field enough ladies to have a full camogie team, but that does not limit the club from growing the sport. Members of the camogie team will be joining the men representing the Hibernians on the world stage at the 2019 Renault World Games. Additionally, to keep the team growth going, the ladies hold camogie practices to continue their development, but also participate in co-ed activities like pub leagues and practices to help hone their skills in ways that require a full roster. The ultimate club goal is to have a full camogie roster, but until then, they register with Na Toraidhe in Philadelphia.

The Hibernians recognize that the club’s future lies in youth and new player development. In 2018, the first youth day was held to teach skills and allow them to play around to gain a fun appreciation for the sport. Now, you will often see some kids joining in on the adult fun! This year, the teams will be participating in a development league with Na Toraidhe, Jersey Shore, and South Jersey teams. This allows for more game time to newer players along with offering more competitive games.

Part of what brings people back and will continue to drive this sport team is the social aspect. The sense of community and family-oriented atmosphere keep people coming back. Participating in the Irish Community Day and in addition their annual involvement in the St Patrick's Day Parade brings them together. This year they even received their 2018 USGAA Finals Medals at the Coronation Ball for the St Patrick Day Parade which was a lot of fun for the team. They even host picnics to bring all of the club together for much needed rest and relaxation. There was even a hurling wedding as a result!

The Allentown Hibernians are a great example of how a sound community base outside of the training and matches can make a club and team stronger. The results are plain to see with their with their successes on and off the pitch by wining a USGAA Finals Championship and the development of their youth programs by working with their communities. Congratulations to the Hibs on their continuous achievements and growth. Hope to see you at the 2019 USGAA Finals!

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