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USGAA Clubs Competing


**as of 7/27/2019

Baltimore Bohemians GAA

Baltimore, MD

Richmond Battery GAA

Setanta GFC

San Diego, CA

Allentown Hibernians Hurling Club

Allentown, PA

Na Fianna Ladies Gaelic Athletic Club

San Diego, CA

Fionn MacCumhaill’s

Dallas, TX

Tacoma Rangers

Tacoma, WA

Raleigh Cú Chulainn GAA

Raleigh, NC

Na Tóraidhe Hurling Club

Philadelphia, PA

Denver Gaels GAA

Denver, CO

Indianapolis GAA

Indianapolis, IN

Hurling Club of Madison

Madison, WI

Cayman Island Gaelic Football Club

Cayman Islands

Liberty Gaels Camogie Club

New York, NY

Cougars Gaelic Football Club

Los Angelos, CA

Coastal Virginia GAA

Virginia Beach, VA

Washington DC Gaels GAA
Washington, DC

St. Louis Gaelic Athletic Club
St. Louis, MO

Columbia Red Branch

Portland, OR

St. Joseph's Hurling Club

San Francisco, CA

James Joyce Gaelic Football Club

Chicago, IL

Milwaukee Hurling Club

Milwaukee, WI

Seattle Gaels GAA

Seattle, WA

Charleston Hurling Club

Charleston, SC

Greenville Gaels GAA

Greenville, SC

Akron Celtic Guards

Akron, OH

Charlotte James Connolly's GAA

Charlotte, NC

Notre Dames Ladies Gaelic Football Club

Philadelphia, PA

Annie Moore's Camogie Club

New York, NY

Delco Gaels Gaelic Athletic Club

Philadelphia, PA

Cu Chulainn Camogie

San Francisco, CA


Michael Collins GAA

Alexandria, VA

Hurling and Football Club of Madison

Madison, WI

Fog City Harps

San Francisco, CA

Pittsburgh Celtics GAA

Pittsburgh, PA

Celtic Cowboys

Austin, TX

Twin Cities Robert Emmets Hurling Club

Minneapolis–Saint Paul, MN

St. Louis GAA

St. Louis, MO

Pittsburgh Hurling Club

Pittsburgh, PA

Columbia Red Branch GAA

Portland, OR

St. Peter's Hurling Club

San Diego, CA

Clan na Gael

San Francisco, CA

 Le Chéile Camogie Club

Toronto, Canada

OC Wild Geese Gaelic Football Club

Cayman Islands

Cleveland St. Pat's St. Jarlath's GFC

Cleveland, OH

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**as of 7/30/2019

Jerome Quinn
Autometric Video


**as of 4/1/2019

Brian Gaffney
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**as of 7/30/2019

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